The Momentum Series:

 Gearing up for Greatness  

The Momentum Series will take you from concept to action steps.

What participants are saying about Momentum: Gearing up for Greatness...

"I received some much needed confirmation that I don't need to know everything right now. I do know enough to get started." 

"I loved the push to stay focused and overcome my mental blocks. It's time to handle my business! Very inspirational!"

"I was pushed to ultimately "show up" where God calls me to be!"

"Gina's energy and transparency...absolutely wonderful! I am ready to not just do business but to serve in business."

The Momentum Series was developed specifically for African American Business Owners who are interested in developing and growing businesses. The “2015 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report” commissioned by American Express Open, reported there has been a 322% growth in African American Women Owned Businesses since 1997.

This makes us the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the country. However, the revenue generated by our businesses are less than 1% of all small businesses in the US.

This training will focus particularly on the importance of gaining clarity of business direction thus driving the purpose nestled inside of  African American women and women of color alike. The goal is to charge this community with the understanding that successful entrepreneurship is a tangible reality and that with the assistance of practical support, starting and growing a business growth is within reach.

The Momentum Series features Gina Worthey, Managing Director of Worthey Solutions, who was recently quoted in Yahoo! Finance and Fast Company.


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“I received positive affirmation about what I am doing well at this stage in my business, and knowledge that I have the ability to do something  well, which I don’t get from the people around me. I trust Gina and her ability based upon her caliber and professional work. Gina has given me an avenue to make money, build an impactful community and have a way to engage the legal community. I see my teaching experience come into play with building this community of influence. Gina helped pull things out of me which has been a void I’m missing from mentors, friends, and family.” "

Shana P. / Attorney and Legal Blogger

“I tend to be too nice of a guy. I do more work and charge less because I like the people I work with. But, that has become a problem in building a sustainable business. Thank you so much for your coaching [Gina], it was great and very helpful. I have become more proactive and confident with clients about communicating my pricing without feeling bad about it because I know I'm giving them massive value. This has led to a 20% increase in my revenue which is ensuring the success of my business. "

Mark J. / Freelancer / Graphic Designer